I am passionate about street art because it combines three of my favourite things: painting (big!), traveling, and meeting people from different backgrounds. Public art connects you to the fabric of society in a special kind of way. As someone who has moved around the world solo since I was 17 and worked in various industries - from civil engineering, to advertising and healthcare - along my path to a full-time artist, there is a lot I would love to share from my life's journey and the stories of inspirational people met along the way.

Since 2020, I have been a part of various Toronto street art initiatives: KJ Bit Mural Jam, Bell Box Murals, multiple StreetARToronto programs. These involved painting on traffic boxes and road barriers, fences and garage doors, to free or specified topics and colour schemes. I also love painting indoor murals that add personality and life to the space. With art, I hope to bring a bit of magic and wonder to those who come across it in their busy everyday lives.

From my background in construction and project management, I bring in a unique skillset, knowledge of working safely in industrial sites and communicating effectively with large groups of stakeholders, successfully planning and executing projects of varying scopes and timelines. I often work in collaboration with my professional artist husband Paul Dolgov, who has 15+ years of experience painting indoor (wall and ceiling) murals and is an eminent live painter. Working at Heights and Scissor Lift Operation certificates are available. 

Scroll to see some of my recent work and concept mock ups, or email art@anastasiaeve.com with project ideas. 

Exterior Murals

2023 private mural collaboration with Luvs (660 Bathurst)

2023 StART Outside the Box, Toronto (Overlea Blvd and Thorncliffe Park Dr)

2022 KJ Bit Mural Jam, Toronto (337 Shaw)

2022 Bell Box, Toronto (Bayside Lane)

2021 StART Outside the Box, Toronto (Sheppard Ave E & Heron's Hill Way)

2021 StART Richmond Street Cycle Track Barriers, Toronto

2020 StART Scarlett Road and Shoreham Cycle Track Barriers, Toronto

Bonus pic: my first mural from 2000s! This is a fragment of the wall my parents let me paint in our apartment. I've learned a lot about the process since then, but I still cherish the memory (you can see that the love for animals and painting large runs deep...)

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