Since 2020, Anastasia has been a part of various StreetARToronto initiatives: the Outside of the Box program; Richmond Street, Shoreham Drive, and Scarlett Road Cycle Track Barrier Art Projects. These involved painting outside, to free or specified topics and colour schemes, on traffic boxes and bicycle concrete barriers. Richmond Street and Scarlett Road projects featured 500+ barriers painted by more than 130 street artists, joining many other beautiful outdoor galleries in Toronto. See more of this amazing public art installation highlighted by the City TV News here

Anastasia also loves painting large scale indoor murals that add personality, life and colour to the space. With her art, she strives to bring inspiration, hope and wonder to those who come across it in their busy everyday lives, and to fill the world with a bit more sunshine and love.  Scroll to see some of her recent projects. 

All of the murals shown here, not including the mock ups, were created in collaboration with Paul

Bonus pic: my first mural from 2000s! This is a small fragment of the wall my parents let me paint in our apartment. Let's just say I learned a lot about the process since then, but I still cherish the memory (you can see that the love for animals and painting large runs deep...)

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