Inspiration and Materials

My work is primarily figurative, a whimsical mix of fantasy and reality. It blends together bold vibrant hues, energetic brushstrokes, and subtle symbolism with a contemporary feel. Often rooted in myths and folklore, it is is woven from bits and pieces of everything - childhood memories, nature, travels and dreams, faces seen somewhere and stories long forgotten... 

Whether I am working digitally, spray painting a mural, or cooking something up in the studio with a mix of oils, pastels, and gold leaf, I am ceaselessly marvelling at the power of art as a universal language. Evoking intricate dreamscapes and ethereal characters, my creations invite the viewer to connect with their inner self, reflect on complex human nature, and to celebrate the beauty and mystery of life.

"Art is a necessity, beauty we must have in the world. Painting and sculpture and music and literature are all of the same piece as civilization, which is the art of making it possible for human beings to live together." 

- Charles Hawthorne

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